Justin Bieber Sippin’ on That Sizzurp

Justin Bieber had drugs laying all around his house during the raid last Tuesday. Sources tell TMZ that when deputies searched his mansion, they found 2 large cookie jars full of pot along with 4 – 5 empty codeine bottles. There were also 3 bongs. 1 in the tv room, 2 in the kitchen. They were probably there as props for his new PBS show. Rolling with Bieber.

Styrofoam cups were also strewn about the house. Each with drawings on them including names of people who used them. If you hadn’t figured out by now, the cups were used for sizzurp, Justin’s favorite drug because he’s a twink who loves following trends. Apparently instead of Sprite, Justin liked to use pineapple Fanta in his sizzurp which tells you a lot about Justin. He’s the kind of guy who orders a cocktail with an umbrella in it at the bar.

Other drug-related items cops found included “swisher sweets” cigars and a dedicated smoking room complete with hookahs (not hookers, Justin thinks girls are icky). Sources say when cops came, his friends went to the hookah room to flush some drugs down the toilet.

Of course, his friends are idiots since cops didn’t seize any of these items as they weren’t looking for drugs. They were actually looking for video equipment that could link Bieber to the egging incident.

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