Beyonce Eats Plants, Does 100 Squats, Fasts For 12 Hours

Star Magazine asked how Beyonce got that kick-ass body that everyone saw writhing around on stage at the Grammys. Turns out it’s all thanks to trainer Marco Borges. He has her on a plant-based diet which means no carbs or sugar. Only salads and vegetable soups. While that sounds awful, you can’t argue with results.

However, most of the credit goes towards the 12 hour fasts she does every day. She has nothing to eat between 8 pm and 8 am.

As far as exercise goes, she dances every day and does 100 squats for three minutes. “She does them until she’s out of breath and almost collapsing, but that’s exactly how she gets that butt.”

This made me put down my donut in disgust. But only for a second. I can never say no to you, my sugary friend. *Mouth hugs donut*

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