The Sochi Wolf Was A Prank By Jimmy Kimmel

A few days ago, US Olympic luger Kate Hansen posted a video of a wolf walking through the hallways of her Sochi dorm. I didn’t post it because it was clearly fake. One, because wolves shy away from humans and don’t go wandering around a dorm full of people and, two, it didn’t look like full wolf.

Looks like I was right because I usually am. I can’t help it. On Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that it was a prank set up by him and Hansen. They rebuilt the hallway in their studio to duplicate the Sochi dorms and had a wolf-mix walk through it. When asked how much wolf was in the dog, the handler said they weren’t sure but estimated it at 90%. Basically, they could estimate it at whatever they want and no one would know the difference. It’s like a girl asking how much GHB you put in her drink before she passes out. Could be 5%. Could be 80%. Who knows? What am I? A scientist?

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