Here’s the Justin Bieber Pee Video

Do you want to watch Justin Bieber peeing in a cup? Is that something you’ve been waiting for ever since you heard the news that Miami police were trying to figure out how to put a black rectangle over his dick? If you have, today is your lucky day. Here we have jailhouse video of Justin Bieber peeing. Exciting stuff, guys. The suspense was killing me.

In other Beiber related news, an Asian girl named Qianying Zhao trespassed on Justin’s Atlanta estate and was found by the niece of the guy Bieber was renting the house from. She discovered the girl sleeping in one of the beds and called the cops. Zhao said she met Bieber on Twitter and was visiting him for a birthday party. After realizing she was late, she went in through an open door and waited for him. Cops cuffed her and charged her with criminal trespass.

Oh, what. So now you can’t go breaking into a celebrity’s house and sleep on their bed anymore? I thought this was America!

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Early Cuyler
8 years ago

Good times…

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