Kristin Cavallari Is a Woman of Science, Won’t Vaccinate Her Kids

Kristin Cavallari and her husband, Jay Cutler, have come out as vaccine truthers aka idiots. In an interview on the Fox Business channel (via ThinkProgress) on Thursday, Cavallari said “Fuck you, science!,” and told host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery that she won’t be vaccinating her second kid, yet to be birthed, and has not vaccinated her first kid for fear that it will induce autism.

When Montgomery tried to present her with facts, Cavallari told the host that she’s “read too many books about autism” and cited that 1 in 88 boys are diagnosed with autism today. Well, that settles it then. This woman has read books! Books don’t lie, bro. Then to combine that with a random statistic? Science should just give up now.

Cavallari then went to the go-to talking point that contemporary vaccines have higher levels of mercury than those in the past which makes them dangerous. A claim that has been refuted by scientists. You know, those guys in white coats who perform controlled tests and studies. Not to be confused with those guys in white coats who should probably haul her ass to a psyche ward.

She went on to say that one anti-vaccine organization whose members refuse to vaccinate their children had zero cases of autism. Naturally, this means the theory has been proven. Case closed.

So if her kids end up with measles, mumps or whooping cough, feel free to tell them it’s because their parents were legally retarded.

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