Here’s the Zach Braff Movie You Paid For

Following the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, Zach Braff decided to do his own little Kickstarter campaign for his film I Wish I Was Here. Unlike the Veronica Mars campaign, Braff’s was met with harsh criticism. Rumors had already begun that Braff planned to flip the film at Sundance for $2-$5 million and this was just a way to increase his profits.

That’s exactly what happened. Focus Features acquired the film for $2.75 million, backers didn’t even get to see the premiere and the theatrical launch isn’t even until July. Braff, however, promised advance screenings to backers who paid $100 or more. Thanks, Zach Braff!

Basically, fans gave Zach Braff money which he used to get more money and they got nothing in return except for this shiny new trailer. On the bright side, it’s got sound and everything!

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8 years ago

Zach Braff is a shitbird!

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