Kim Kardashian Faked an Instagram Photo of Her Trip to Thailand

Last week, Kim Kardashian and family were on vacation in Thailand. She wanted to share how beautiful the place was to her fans so she did what anyone would do. She posted a photo to Instagram with the caption “Thank you for the beautiful memories Thailand.”

Thank you for the beautiful memories Thailand

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Except, this wasn’t a picture she took. All Kim did was a Google Image Search for Thailand and posted one of the photos. The photo comes from Science Lakes and was uploaded a year ago.

I don’t know what’s worse. That Kim tried to pass off a wallpaper as a photo she took or that she thought no one would ever find out. So if you were wondering, yes, everything about her is fake. Her reality show, her Kris Humphries marriage and even her vacation photos. I bet if you opened up her photo album, you’d see a web browser search bar at the top of 90% of them.

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