Rihanna Disabled Her Instagram After Instagram Shut It Down

@Badgalriri became the leader in Rihanna themed tit/cleavage/ass/blunt/twerk pics. Mostly because it was Rihanna’s personal Instagram account where 90% of it was just her smoking blunts and posing in bikinis. That all changed this week when the account ceased to exist. On Monday, Instagram confirmed it had disabled the account. They claim it was by mistake and that they restored it quickly and that they haven’t touched it since then. However, @Badgalriri still¬†isn’t there which means Rihanna took it down completely.

It’s a sad, sad day when we realize we won’t be seeing anymore gems like the header photo above. I’m going to take a picture of me pouring out a 40 oz in memory¬†of her Instagram. What filter should I use? Valencia?

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