Death Is Coming for Dutch Cyclist Maarten de Jonge

In a Final Destination type twist of fate, Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge escaped both doomed Malaysia Airlines flights. Flight MH 370, which disappeared over the Indian Ocean in March, and Flight MH 17, which was shot down by rebels in eastern Ukraine. Both times he changed his flight at the last minute.

Maarten confirmed the rumor on his website.

“What has happened is terrible, so many victims, that’s a horrible thing,” de Jonge said in a translated statement on his website. “I have my story done and I would like to leave it … my story is ultimately nothing compared to the misery in which so many people are paid.”

Undeterred, he’s flying to Malaysia later this week. “I have been lucky twice, that’s the third time as well.”

Oh, hell no. I’ve seen the movies. I know how this ends. You couldn’t pay me to fly Malaysia Airlines. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll take the bus.

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