Kim Kardashian Ruined Nick Cannon’s Marriage

More possible details are coming out about the demise of Mariah Carey and Mr. Mariah Carey’s marriage. How did they get here, many wondered? Okay, a few wondered while laughing hysterically. One source claims it’s because of Kim Kardashian.

Nick’s appearance on Big Boy’s radio show in March was the beginning of the end. Nick played Big Boy’s game — name the 5 celebs you’ve slept with. Nick named 5, but our sources say the one that made Mariah insane was Kim Kardashian.

We’re told Mariah tore into Nick for weeks … feeling humiliated and the relationship never recovered.

Tips for a successful marriage with Mariah Carey: Never ever mention any girl you’ve slept with, kissed or even looked at except for Mariah Carey. She’ll get more jealous than a fat girl in high school.

We’re told it went from bad to worse when Nick went on Howard Stern and talked about Mariah not giving it up before they got hitched. She went nuclear.

Another tip. Never publicly state how much of a prude Mariah Carey is no matter how much of a prude Mariah Carey is. In fact, here’s a general tip for dating Mariah Carey. Pretend you’re a dude in the 50’s trying to get laid. You’re going to jump through a lot of hoops. Like going on 20 dates, asking her father for his permission to marry her and then rolling your eyes as she pretends to not know what a bj is.

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