Ho Ho Oh No! Ariana Grande Getting Stalked By Someone in a Santa Suit

Everyone loves Santa Claus except when he stalks you, sends you pumpkins and visits your record company in full Santa gear to deliver yuletide greetings. This Stalker Claus has also sent Yankee candles to Ariana Grande in the past. Yankee candles?!?! C’mon son, sooo not Ariana’s style.

According to Page Six, Tim Normandin, in addition to pumpkins and and Yankee candles, also bought a white rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire and a $200 piece of jewelry from Kay Jewelers for Grande. Every kiss begins with ‘K’. So does ‘knife’. ‘Knives’ begin with ‘k’ also.

Normandin, who either rented or bought a Santa suit (TRUE dedication), was immediately sent to a mental facility for 3 days. His mental exam included questions such as ‘Do you really believe in Santa Claus?” and “Why Ariana? Do you really want to listen to her talk like a baby during sex?”

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