World’s Oldest Two-Faced Cat Dies. Second Oldest Two-Faced Cat Still Living

The world’s oldest two-faced cat died last week at the age of 15. That’s about 76 in human years. Owner Martha “Marty” Stevens brought him in the past week as he wasn’t acting right. As the Worcester Telegram reports:

…the clinic called and told her Frank and Louie was critically ill. When she arrived, the cat was euthanized after veterinarians told her he was probably suffering from a “really bad cancer.”

Frank and Louie lived a good life with a loving owner.

But Frank and Louie — or rather Frank because his side had the esophagus — learned to eat and thrived. The cat rubbed against legs and won over the hearts of many who thought he was difficult to look at. He had two functioning eyes and a center eye, which was blind. Two noses and two mouths but just one brain. All in all, he was a healthy cat, his biggest ordeals having been neutering and the removal of some teeth from Louie’s mouth, which had no bottom jaw.

This cat sounds awesome. Two mouths? That’s twice the number of meows. It’s meowing in surround sound. Though that also means twice the number of hairballs.

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