Kim Kardashian Knows How to Sell Her New Book

Historians will either look back at Kim Kardashian as the biggest media whore or the most cunning businesswoman of the modern age. Perhaps even both. She used digital media so smartly, a textbook case on self-promotion. She is the most intellectually empty genius ever. Ass and tits sell so she shows off both. Now she’s plastered her tits on the cover of her new book, Kim Kardashian Selfish. Her new book collects all her selfies including never-before-seen ones! Her vanity isn’t overwhelming enough, seriously. The book’s description is pretty hilarious.

From her early beginnings as a wardrobe stylist, Kim Kardashian has catapulted herself into becoming one of the most recognizable celebrities in Hollywood. Hailed by many (including Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci) as the modern-day personification of Marilyn Monroe, Kim has become a true American icon.

Wow, scary that one day people might actually put her on a pedestal like Marilyn Monroe. Is she like Marilyn Monroe? Was Monroe a ‘ho? That’s about where the similarities end.

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