Mother Knifes Son over Missing Pork Chops

Only two words can describe this mother: tough love. Yolanda Veasley, 57, of Dayton, Ohio, discovered three pork chops missing last Saturday morning. According to WHIO:

Officers were called just before 3 p.m. Saturday to Good Samaritan Hospital, where a 15-year-old stabbing victim said his mother attacked him during an argument over food.

The teen’s aunt told police her sister became angry because the night before she made pork chops. After dinner, four were packaged for later meals. However, when she got up Saturday, three were gone and her son lied about eating them. She then began to throw knives at the boy, according to a Dayton police report.

Obviously, alcohol was involved. Veasley had been drinking and her circus knife-throwing skills were spot on as one foot-long knife cut her son on the thumb. Police came by to investigate.

On the kitchen counter was a white towel that was soaked in blood. Veasley told police she threw the knife after her son had knocked her down. When the officer said that didn’t justify throwing a deadly weapon at her son, she said “yeah, you’re right,” according to the report.

It’s gonna suck for Veasley in jail when the prisoners start stealing more than just her pork chops.

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9 years ago

Auntie Fee?