Brother Shoots Sister Because She Made Him A Penis-Shaped Cake

Wow, talk about ungrateful. This story starts off the same as most weird ones do. “A Florida man…” In this one, Christopher Taft’s sister baked him a cake. Who cares if it was a penis-shaped. Christopher Taft did.

Authorities in Holly Hill, Fla. arrested a 21-year-old man on his birthday after he shot his sister with a BB gun for making him a penis-shaped cake, WKMG-TV reported.

The BB that Christopher Taft fired at his sister’s buttocks in retaliation for the phallic dessert got embedded in her flesh and required hospital care, according to the TV station.

Taft probably didn’t like his sister’s hidden message which was ‘eat a dick’. But was it chocolate, that’s the big question. Taft chalked up the shooting to a joke gone wrong.

Taft told law enforcement officials he didn’t mean to hurt his sister and thought the BB attack would make a good joke in response to the phallus confection, according to WKMG.

Someone doth protest too much.

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