Pope Gets a Hand-Delivered Pizza in the Popemobile

Pope Francis gets hungry too and God answered his call. While cruising past the crowd in Naples, Italy, on a let’s call it, meet and greet, some dude jumped in front of the Popemobile and handed the Pope a fully baked pizza.

The pizza said ‘Il Papa’ on it, which translates to ‘Pope’ in Italian. “Il Papa John’s”. Hmm..doesn’t have the same ring. After opening the box, Pope Francis flung it back to his believer and shouted “Where’s da pineapple??” Then, he made a sign of the cross and muttered “May God have mercy on his soul”.

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9 years ago

I’m not Catholic, but I just love the Pope! He’s too cool!!

Green Is Good
Green Is Good
9 years ago

This Pope seems like a fun guy. I saw a clip of a group of Nuns gathering round him, and his response was “Sisters, please!” Ha ha ha! And Pizza guy got a one way lux ticket to heaven, right?