Watch A$AP Rocky Threaten to Fight a Guy Over a Bagel

Don’t throw bagels at A$AP Rocky’s car unless you include some lox. Someone threw something (yes, vague) at Rocky’s car and he gets all hot and bothered. Perhaps stale baked goods? Rocky ain’t havin’ that. Right there in the bagel store, he threatens to ‘snuff’ the guy ‘right now’. Rocky’s nothing if not proactive. Props to Rocky. The other dude was almost a head taller, yet Rocky kept jawing at him. Which only means he wasn’t gonna fight him anyway.

Later on, he cooled down and tweeted that everything was all good. Whew!

He wrote “N****S BE DYING FOR A LAWSUIT, I LEARNED MY LESSONS IN THE PAST WITH U SO CALLED TOUGH GUYS, IM TOO KOOL, I GOT $ NOW, PLAN ON KEEPIN IT TOO”. And yes, he wrote it in all caps. The Kanye school of tweeting. C”mon Rocky, use your indoor voice.

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9 years ago

That big guy was lucky that $pazz$tik ROCKY didn’t have 20 of his bodyguards around.