‘American Idol’ Finally Cancelled After Realization They Have Not Created a Single ‘Idol’

After having failed to live up to its name for over a decade, American Idol has been cancelled. Meanwhile, fans of the show say, “Is that the one with Adam Levine?”

Take a moment to name the last 14 American Idols. (1. The guy who wasn’t Clay Aiken, 2. the guy with two first names, 3. Carrie Underwood?, 4. one of those first two that had that terrible turn of the millennium movie…)

Now, take a moment to list a similar number of people you know that watch American Idol: 1. Your mom?

After realizing the show is coming second fiddle to reruns of other network’s sitcoms, Fox has finally decided maybe they aren’t exactly creating Idols and it would be best to make the 15th season the last.

American Idol‘s 15th season is rumored to pay tribute to the past 14 seasons and promises one last time to cringe at the unaware famewhores that grace the first few episodes. In the following episodes that no one watches, there will be, what the show is calling, a “search for the final Idol superstar”. (There are not sarcastic quote marks big enough for the word “superstar”.)

The current judges: Not Simon Cowell, Not Randy Jackson, and Not Paula Abdul are contracted to return alongside the show staple Ryan Seacrest. There will also likely be many guest appearances from Idol contestants and winners you couldn’t remember earlier.

(For the lazy and curious: The current judges are Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.)

(The winners listed in order are: 1. Kelly Clarkson, 2. Ruben Studdard, 3. Fantasia Barrino, 4. Carrie Underwood, 5. Taylor Hicks, 6. Jordin Sparks, 7. David Cook, 8.Kris Allen, 9. Lee DeWyze, 10. Scotty McCreery, 11. Phillip Phillips, 12. Candice Glover, 13. Caleb Johnson)

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7 years ago

Kelly Clarkson actually is an idol along with Carrie Underwood.

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