Chrissy Teigen Full Frontal Nude Pics Leak

Chrissy Teigen won’t mind that some nude photo shoot outtakes just hit the Internet. No word yet on what shoot these were from, but she took them with photographer Dorian Caster apparently. At least, that’s what it appears to be. Yet another reason to be a photographer. Hot, naked girls.

Teigen hasn’t said anything yet, but would she? She seems like she doesn’t care about giving up the sex secrets or rolling around topless¬†on the beach. You know what she calls these topless photos? ‘Monday’. Another day in the life of a supermodel. Tits here, vag there. Throwing them out like Oprah throws out gifts during Christmas. And YOU get some tits, and YOU get some tits.

These are pretty awesome nudes, definitely not meant to be seen publicly. Teigen will bury your face in her breasts and judging by her Instagram, feed you a TON of amazing food. Basically, the most perfect woman ever. Click through here (NSFW) to see Teigen’s leaked naked photos.

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