Oh Yea, Kim Kardashian’s Got Those Pregnancy Boobs

Good for us: pregnancies cause breasts to grow at 6-8 weeks and eventually, 1-2 cup sizes larger. Bad for Kim Kardashian: stretch marks and itchy breasts. Itchiness isn’t contagious right? Kanye doesn’t want no itchy mouth.

Remarkable that Kim’s only 5’3″. Those breasts take up about a foot and 40 pounds. It’s surprising she can walk upright, and not have her boobs drop like anvils to the floor, and Kim power them forward at a 90 degree angle. Like an iRoomba. She’s the human cartoon.

Look through these pics. You’ll suddenly realize something. Kim is very oddly shaped. Really short, but busty and round all over. She’s only a slightly larger version of Snookie.

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