Undercover Sister — NAACP President Fakes Being Black. Iggy Azalea Not Impressed

Remember Clayton Bigsby? Well, Rachel Dolezal wasn’t that bad. She did, however, pretend to be black all while serving as NAACP president for the Seattle chapter. FYI: NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored PeopleSooo, there’s that.

KXLY in Spokane, Washington caught up with Dolezal and dug up some truth. The reporter takes out a picture of her presumably white dad, and asks her, if that’s her dad. She confirms it is and then, the reporter goes in for the kill. He asks her: “Are you African-American?” Ahhh, snap. Dolezal replies that she doesn’t understand his question, then walks off.

The next video shot should’ve been of a huge stamp coming down on Dolezal, in huge capital letters: “NOT BLACK!”. Boom, roasted.

You know who’s not black? This girl:

Yea, that’s Dolezal as a teenager. She’s from Montana and if she was anymore white, Abercrombie & Fitch would make her their president. Dolezal comes from a Czech, Swedish and German heritage with a dash of of Native American. Not in that mix? African.

But that hair though…

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8 years ago

So it’s ok to “self identify” as a woman, when you were born with a penis and male reproductive organs, but I guess it is taboo to “self identify” as “black” when you were born white.

Progressivism is it own worst enemy at times. So so dumb. The totally differing reactions to thesw stories, where both people claim to identify as something they genetically are not, is so telling of the PC culture we live in now.