Chris Brown’s Hostage Videos — Pleads for Philippines to Free Him

Today’s Chris Brown update. Good news: Has not beat any women. Bad news (at least for him): Still trapped in the Philippines. The government disapproved of him skipping out on a New Year’s Eve gig last year. The promoters got an order to restrict Brown from leaving the country. It’s pretty awesome. Whatever it takes to keep him out of America.

Brown went onto Instagram and filmed a couple of hostage videos in his hotel room. One has him on his hands and knees, hands clasped in prayer, pleading “Please, please let us leave.” Then he adds a backflip because that’s just what Chris Brown gonna do.

He filmed another video showing how he’d go through customs and did some sort of pose/dance move.

Of course, all his ‘yes’ men laughed like it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen. They should get Brown’s entourage to leave the country and then see how much fun Brown would have. Get used to eating adobo, Chris.

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