How to Guarantee Zero Sex on Your Wedding Night

You know how people love coming into their wedding receptions doing all kinds of dances and crazy things? Yea, well now there’s an example of why no one should ever do that. In fact, even without this video, no one should ever do that anyway. Yes, you’re married, you want to show everyone how crazy happy you are, but please, can’t people just walk in, say a few things and sit down? THAT would be totally groundbreaking nowadays.

This just-married couple came in dancing and all happy. The bride shakes her stuff as she makes her way to the front. And then you have Mr. Parkour here, trying out for the 2016 Summer Olympics. He executes a pretty good running backflip except for the part where he KO’s his new wife. Damn. He helps her up and the funniest part is then she falls down on her face again. Because, you know, concussion. Someone got no wedding sex that night.

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