Lindsay Lohan Ran Around Naked at a Rich Guy’s Wedding

Remember how Lindsay Lohan was on the path to recovery? Remember rooting for her to get her act together, only to hear of another crazy stunt she would pull, proving just the opposite? Remember how you stopped caring a little bit? Well, let’s see if this engages any interest.

Apparently, LiLo displayed some rather paranoid behavior at millionaire pal Justin Etzin’s fancy pants wedding to model Lana Zakocela in Italy on Saturday, August 22. The night before the nuptials, LiLo allegedly changed her outfit four times throughout the night, and pretended to DJ with her iPhone while voicing her concern that people were taking too many pictures of her. Partygoers told the press that their phones were taken away so that wasn’t true, and they assumed she just wanted attention.

On that actual day of the ceremony, Lohan was reported to have been on her phone a lot, painting her nails and running around barefoot. At one point, she ran outside, yelled that she had been drugged and got completely naked, but an announcer assumed it was just for attention. Finally, an EMT came out to check LiLo’s condition, said she was fine, and verified that these antics were indeed for attention. Lohan was also accused of wearing white on the wedding day to show-up the bride, but this picture clearly shows the dress was light pink. However, that did not stop her from taking it off… just to be safe.

(H/T US Weekly)

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8 years ago

Stop lying to people. You have to be better than that.