Sarah McDaniel Needs a Belt

Fresh blood. That’s what we’re calling these (sorta) undiscovered models. You may not recognize Sarah McDaniel, but come visit my fantasies, she’s there. Sitting next to a California burrito with hot sauce. What about McDaniel in hot sauce eating a California burrito? Man, that’d be good.

McDaniel did a video for Ugly Magazine. Oh, the irony of the name. McDaniel walks up and down a street, back and forth and it’s in slow mo. Slow mo always makes things better.

Photographer Gregorio Campos shot McDaniel’s butt cheek photo.

Lucky guy. Funny that he told Arsenic magazine:

Anyone that looks unique, I don’t photoshop and I think imperfections are beautiful. I like making imperfections look good, whether it’s the atmosphere or the model.

Gee, thanks says every model he shoots.

Check out some McDaniel Instagram pics and prepare to spend the next few minutes drooling and staring.

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8 years ago

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8 years ago

I’m going to confuse the police sketch artist when I report her for stealing my heart.