Don’t Ever Send Debra Messing a Dick Pic

It’s a common belief that women don’t really like receiving explicit photographs from men. While this may be true for some women, all women hate receiving unsolicited dick pics from perfect strangers.

The reason I am so bold as to assume that ALL women hate unsolicited dick pics from perfect strangers is that actress Debra Messing hates them. I think she basically speaks for the demographic as whole, don’t you?

Messing received a dick pic in a direct message from a Twitter follower earlier this week.

But it wasn’t all, she went on to post the (pixelated) image and a call to respect both women, and yourselves.

Girl, yeah. Dude….why? Although it’s cute you like Debra Messing that much (even though this is legit never ok). Unless you send these to all the girls, in which case you’re definitely a loser.

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