Sofia Resing Loves Surfers, So Time for Those Surf Lessons

If Sofia Resing had a choice, she’d take surfers over soccer player. Even though soccer’s the national sport in her country of Brazil. You should be glad she loves the beach so much. Here’s why.

That ass. You wanna see that on a beach or a soccer field?

She tells GQ in a recent video that Brazil takes more pride in their surf guys than their soccer ball-kicking athletes. A tear just rolled down Ronaldo’s eye.

GQ asks her what she looks for in a guy. Her answer? A surfer. Also, if he’s chivalrous, i.e. letting her take the wave in front of him. As she puts it, is any guy gonna mind watching a girl crouching with her butt up on a surfboard? Nah, didn’t think so.

Resing’s done spreads for Vogue, Elle, L’Oreal and probably some other European-sounding outlets that you could care less about. Sports Illustrated asked her when she feels sexiest. Her answer, umm…I feel sexiest when “I am wet, walking on the beach carrying my board after scoring some good waves.” Damn, I stopped reading after she mentioned being wet.

She also says people love her waist (“apparently is quite tiny”) and she’s gotten “some good compliments on my but [sic].”

Great, now you know a bunch about Resing, but really, all you want are the pics. Don’t worry, daddy’ll take care of you. Bam!

Solzinho na laje #quemnunca #feriadim | Workin on my vitamin D #summerisover #notreally #nyc

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