5 Fast Facts on Paulina Slagter, Ryan Phillippe’s New Fiancée

Congrats to Ryan Phillippe on his just announced marriage to girlfriend Paulina Slagter. This will be Phillippe’s third marriage. This will probably be Slagter’s first marriage, since she’s only 24. They’ve also been dating for four years and Phillippe’s 41, so do the math.

So, who is Paulina Slagter? Glad you asked.

1. She’s brainy

Slagter is a graduate student at Stanford Law School. She also interns in the Federal Public Defender’s office, at the ACLU and assists in research for her professor.

2. She models and acts

Slagter has the obligatory Model Mayhem profile. Her highest profile gig came on Season 3 of Entourage. She played ‘Teri’ at a pool party. Slagter was 15 at the time.

3. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University

4. The ‘G’ is silent in ‘Slagter’

It’s pronounced ‘Slater’, like Kelly Slater. Or like ‘later,’ as in ‘see ya later’ you’ll never date this girl until she divorces Phillippe.

5. She might be using Ryan Phillippe

According to her friends, Slagter fakes the interest in academics. What she really wants is a career as an actress. Hmm…could just be some haters. After all, Slagter’s put in all this time studying at Stanford Law School and interning. Her endgame is strong if she’s using Phillippe.

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