Florida Vigilante Alligator Eats Burglar in Hiding

This alligator is the hero we need right now.

22-year-old Matthew Riggins got more than he bargained for when he decided to hide from police next to Barefoot Bay Lake in Brevard County, FL. This genius had gone out to rob some people, and did a pretty shitty job. His weak ass hide and seek skills led to him being a less than fancy feast for one 11-foot crime fighting gator.

Riggins died as a result of the attack, but pieces of him weren’t found for ten┬ádays after the initial burglary reports. We might not even know this dumbass was the one who did it, if he hadn’t told his girlfriend beforehand that he and a partner were going to Barefoot Bay to be all Robin Hood and s**t.

This gator is truly a silent protector, a watchful guardian, a dark (and hungry) knight.

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