Jaime King Takes To Instagram to Show Off Her Body and Socks For Days

For many people, Stars Wars: The Force Awakens is the film of the season. It’s been an obsession for many of these people as long as they remember. Great. So in a circle jerk of galactic proportions, celebrities big screen or iPhone screen alike, have been taking to Instagram to show off just how a big a fan they are. 

Part of the constant volley of I’m-a-bigger-fan-than-you is showing off your merch. And because everyone is going topless to celebrate a 70-degree Christmas everywhere from Philadelphia to New Zealand…. model Jaime King did just that:

Body for days. Looks like she has enough socks too. Go see Star Wars or something?

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
7 years ago

lOl! Yes! I noticed.