To Get Elected, Hillary Clinton Promises to Find Life Outside of Earth

Hillary Clinton will stop at nothing to make Bill America’s first husband and she certainly won’t stop at receiving oral sex in the Oval Office in her quest to get elected. I’ve heard outlandish campaign promises in my time. I’ve heard some down right outlandish expenditures of money guaranteed by presidential hopefuls. But few times have I heard that discovering aliens could be a serious running point.

In a 2007 interview with Daymond Steer, Hillary swore her intention to “get to the bottom” of all this alien funny business. And she was not speaking of anchor babies or migrant parents. She means extra-terrestrial beings. As per that interview:

I think we may have been visited already.

I don’t trust much that comes out of her mouth. But for this alien thing, she might just be an insider. I’ve held the belief for the last decade that Hillary is some kind of alien creature, it doesn’t seem so far fetched knowing that lizard people walk among us on the regular.

But even though Hillary hasn’t been all that consistent in her views throughout her career, apparently aliens have been a big common theme. Via Mother Jones:

The Clintons interest in extraterrestrial activity reaches as far back as the 1990’s, when Laurence Rockefeller began lobbying the Clinton administration for the release of government documents relating to UFO’s, which many say reveal the extent of government research into the phenomena.

I’m still not going to vote for you. My heartBern has gotten a little out of hand, but in the event that my more jaded personality traits come to light and a Clinton victory is thrown in my face, I will fucking watchdog the s**t out of this administration until I have all access press passes to Area 51.

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