Dr. Luke Is About to Be Dropped Harder Than the Bass in His Shitty Remixes

While Kesha’s legal battles and allegations of sexual and mental abuse against her producer Dr. Luke have shown some very small tokens of fortune and a whole lot of full scale fuckery within the music industry… Sony may just throw her the bone she’s been asking for.

Dr. Luke has publicly and privately denied all allegations while Kesha has amassed fans, feminists and friends alike in support. As it stands, Kesha has been given nothing in court, but in a landslide victory, Kesha has won massive support in the court of public opinion. Dr. Luke has been left with nothing but a few meninists in his corner and a few comments dredged up from Katy Perry.

Girls and guys all around the world are standing with Kesha, #FreeKesha brandishing profiles and social media posts, but no concrete acknowledgment from the court in her struggle, it just doesn’t seem fair. Dr. Luke has been able to work throughout the entire length of this now two year lawsuit, even after it broke that he had allegedly threatened the singer into lying under oath. Yet Kesha hasn’t been able to produce more than her own Instagram posts.

But if the court can’t do s**t, Sony will. Kesha supporters have called wildly for a full out Sony boycott, which might not be the most effective choice in protest, but has brought Sony’s place in the climate of rape culture into question. oooooooo buzzwords She says rape culture to a couple executives who have watched the news recently, and with a hit as big as this season of American Crime… Sony knows they have to get on the right side of progress here or avoid their own case of irreparable harm.

Ahead of the end of his 2017 contract, it’s been reported that Sony will terminate its relationship with Dr. Luke and his label, Kemosabe Records. Ouch. He’s been a big public relations nightmare for the last two years. He hasn’t a a real hit in over two years. And apparently on top of everything, he and Sony have been experiencing some internal chafing. Of course, Dr. Luke and his representatives have gone ahead and do what they do, denying anything ever happened:

This is not true. Luke has an excellent relationship with Sony. His representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony and this has never come up.

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