Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Inc. Turns out to Be Not All That Honest

Do you know what the word ‘honest’ means, Jessica Alba?

Currently, the actress’s $1.7 billion company is coming under fire for using sodium lauryl sulfate in their line of detergents which they promised not to do.

They also tried to incorporate being transparent and totes legit into their brand image. Sucks for them they were full of s**t the whole time.

These supposedly hypoallergenic detergents for the organically minded consumer were revealed to have heaping amounts of the chemical in it by The Wall Street Journal. WSJ consulted two separate labs, Impact Analytical and Chemir, for trace tests. According to Barbara Pavan, a chemist from Impact Analytical:

“Our findings support that there is a significant amount of sodium lauryl sulfate.” 

Sodium lauryl sulfate is known to cause skin irritation and was investigated as a potential carcinogen by the American Cancer Society.

According to Alba and her company, the lab tests are wrong.

Sure, Jessica. Sure. 

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