Kim Kardashian Still Giving Out Butt Ugly Flowers to Other Celebs

Please, stop. Kim Kardashian is on some sort of goodwill tour through Hollywood. A week and some change ago she tried to remind the world that “Hey! I have still tits, people!” She put up a naked selfie on Instagram that was taken years ago.

The Internet threw a fit or so she would have us believe. It was Chloe Moretz and Bette Midler who objected. Also Piers Morgan because that guy fears tits. Most people wanted more tits and didn’t bodyshame her for the selfie.

This “uproar” led Kardashian to write an essay on empowerment. “I am empowered by my body. I am empowered by my sexuality.” And so on and so forth. Her publicist probably wrote it.

Some celebs stood up for her. Emily Ratajkowski, who’s covered her breasts more than People magazine, tweeted her support.

Then, she Instagrammed herself naked except for some carefully placed arms and camera angles.

Kardashian saw this and sent her flowers.

Her card read:

Emily —

Hey I wanted to thank you so much for your support last week. I saw your tweets and just think its so powerful when women support other women! So thank you!


Ariel Winter got into it and tweeted her support around the time Ratajkowski did.

And guess what? More shitty flowers sent out from Kardashian. Winter Instagrammed her gift from Kardashian.

Same message on this one.

Ariel —

Hey I wanted you to know I saw your tweets last week and I really appreciate your support. Women supporting other women is so powerful!


Coincidentally, Winter also ‘grammed a pic of herself in a bikini right around the time she put up her flowers pic.

What this means is Kardashian has special powers. The ability to get women to take off their clothes and/or jump into bikinis.

I’m starting to like Kim.

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Perry F. Bruns
8 years ago

While there were those (too many) who shame people for posting nude selfies, I object to Kim Kardashian’s and Emily Ratajkowski’s lumping all their critics into the same “shaming” group. Disagreeing with someone’s decisions is not automatically “shaming,” and while Ratajkowski’s “Lenny” letter is well-worth reading, perhaps she should consider opinions other than her own on occasion. And Ariel Winter, along with Kardashian and Ratajkowski, are out to lunch for their passive-aggressive tone toward Bette Midler. She was making fun. It’s what she does, and it was (to me, admittedly) damn funny. Lampooning and shaming are two different things, and… Read more »

Chuck Liddle
8 years ago
Reply to  Perry F. Bruns

Good points. And agree on the Ratajkowski ‘Lenny’ letter. Well worth the read.

8 years ago

I want flowers for taking a picture! A Selfie-bration for the Selfie Generation! Ugh, lord help us all. The best, the worst,the funniest, the most dangerous, the tackiest: