Meet Shelly Scholten, Your Model of the Day

Honestly, how does any model stand out in the modeling world? There’s a million attractive girls standing around, all ready to grab the spotlight.

Like Shelly Scholten. She’s hot, attractive, more than an Instagram model and has gotten in some actual shoots. 

Could you pick her out of a lineup of ten other brown hair, blue eyed girls? Not really.

That’s why I give the same advice to every model. You need a gimmick, a shtick, or you know, talent. Like Brittney Palmer of the UFC has her painting thing. Her paintings are okay, right, but who the hell really cares. Everyone thinks she’s this awesome painter because no one’s seen a model paint before.

Shelly Scholten needs a hook. Hit me up Shelly, I’ll get you some good ideas.

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