This Kid’s Vape Pen Exploded and Blew Off His Teeth and Part of His Tongue

I know that smoking is dangerous and everything, but damn.

As reported by the Paso Robles Daily News, 17-year-old Daniel McClelland was tryna chill and smoke his vape last Monday when the fucking thing exploded in his face. It took out some of his bottom teeth and burned a hole through his tongue.

He was in his friend’s car on the way to the store when it blew up with a force so strong it also cracked the car’s windows. According to his buddy Jesus Matias, who will probably now require years of therapy:

“You never expect it to happen to someone you’re so close to. We were just sitting in my girlfriend’s sister’s car, listening to music, laughing and joking around like always and we just heard a sound like a gun shot. I look up and I see flames, we all got out of the car and my ears were ringing, then I realized Daniel was hurt.”

On top of blowing a chunk out of his tongue and bottom teeth, the accident also caused McClelland’s tongue to swell and he had to be put on an intubation tube in order to keep breathing. According to his family, he’s slowly making strides with physical therapists even though he still can’t talk.

I hope all the hipster fucks out there with their trendy vapes think of the tragic tale of Daniel McClelland.

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7 years ago

i usually don’t take time to sya those things but… Here i goes. 1. most of the secure brands are COPIED, therefore it is less reliable because it’s ALL FAKE 2. when you’ll die due to a lung cancer you’ll regret all throught your pain that you might have taken the chance to get your fuckign teeth blown up WHILE YOU GOT TO STAY ALIVE WAY LONGER 3. It’s not about vape it’s about defectuosity HAPPENING when you use lithium batteries. even cellphone are not secured, here what i’m refering too. 4. this kinda piss me off cause you… Read more »

Calumn Stewart
Calumn Stewart
7 years ago

Well as someone who works in the industry……..this sounds like bullshit.
Even if he went super cheap, batteries dont explode that ferociously to cause such damage, they either pop & piss or just vent. Also, the story is far too cut and dry to be believable. Good try media, good try.