Shocking News: Vaping May Be Bad For Your Lungs

Filling your lungs with smoke several times a day may be bad for your health says health official, Dr. Obvious. There have already been six confirmed deaths from vaping-related lung illnesses. Now an alarmist report about Adam Hergenreder, an 18-year-old wrestler from Gurnee, Illinois, being hospitalized for more than a year and a half because he had the lungs of a 70-year-old is turning Juul into the new Four Loko. According to reports, Adam’s stupidity addiction to vapes almost killed him.

Adam says he started vaping at 16 “just to fit in, because everyone else was doing it.” He said he really liked the mango flavor. “It didn’t taste like a cigarette. It tasted good, and provided a little buzz due to nicotine.”

Adam comes close to snitching on his neighborhood gas station who he said would sell him Juul pods without carding him. Luckily he didn’t name them and throw them under the bus. Naturally, his health slowly deteriorated from having no foresight whatsoever. According to his mom, he’d wake up in the morning and take a hit and cough.” Adam would hit that vape “several times throughout the day” most likely because he wanted to seem cool disregarding the fact that watching some basic bro vape is the lamest thing ever. He’d go through a pod and a half every other day, or a day and a half. Which seems excessive to anyone with half a brain.

Eventually Adam switched from e-liquids to THC. He developed uncontrollable shivers. “I was just nonstop throwing up every day for three days.” Then he went to a pediatrician because an adult brain would have made better decisions. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with Adam until someone asked, “Do you even vape, bro?” Just kidding, the doctor asked if he was “Juul-ing.” Adam said he was. A CT scan revealed the damage on his lower lungs.

Adam spent six days in the hospital hooked to IVs and given oxygen through tubes. Adam now finds it hard to do normal activities like going up stairs. He can probably never wrestle again either. But on the bright side, think of all those sweet ass vape tricks he probably learned.

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