Dora the Explorer Secretly Peer Pressures Kids to Vape

Dora the Explorer is more than just the annoying voice teaching your child Spanish in the next room while you try desperately to get this last load of laundry folded. No, she’s more than a menace to your inner sanctum of peace in your home, she’s now the source of peer pressure for your teen daughter. Dora’s voice actress, Fatima Ptacek, was reportedly caught vaping in school last December and using her clout as a global Spanglish cartoon character, she took another girl down with her in her fight to disobey all school rules.

Parents Nadia Leonelli and Fredrik Sundall have filed a lawsuit against New York private school, Avenues: The World School. They allege that following a December incident in which two girls were caught being douchebags in some dark corner of the school that there was unfair treatment between the two girls. While both girls are unnamed in the lawsuit, it is clear who they are. Ptacek was suspended for the incident and the other girl known only as M.S. was expelled. Citing the lawsuit, New York Daily News reports that the girl was peer pressured:

[She did it] because [Ptacek] is older than M.S. and is a celebrity, being the actress who does the voice of Dora the Explorer on television and having a movie nominated for the Oscars.

The parents of the child caught smoking caramel-flavored vapor, instead of putting their child up for adoption immediately, instead filed a lawsuit blaming the voice actress for the incident. Instead of kicking their child to the curb, they turned to an obscenely overpaid thirteen year old and said, f**k you for poisoning my child’s mind with your douchebaggery.

If only there was some way to reach all people ever tasked with whether or not to vape and tell them do this and you’re never going to be cool ever again. I feel that it’s my personal responsibility to hijack this piece’s focus away from the general human shitball of teenage bullshit subject matter and reiterate that vaping is the worst thing on earth. Someone somehow decided to take cigarette smoking, the one thing that’s remained hopelessly cool despite every after school special created in vain, and turn it into the most unappealing object of social exile.

But back at it again. While Ptacek was only suspended, M.S. was expelled. Something seems a little unfair there. Calling M.S. the more ‘untrustworthy’ student, she was expelled and now two parents with far too much money and prestige on their hands are suing for reenrollment as well as $40,000 in damages.

F**k you, vapers.

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