Johnny Manziel Got Lit At Coachella

It turns out celebrities do what everyone else does at music festivals, and get biblically fucked up.

Johnny Manziel is pretty out of control though. Fresh from causing over $30K in damage at a rental home in LA, he rolled into the Bootsy Bellows and Avion pop-up at Coachella over the weekend to get fifty shades of white girl wasted, even though his agent threatened to drop him if he does’t check into rehab.  According to a source:

“Scott Disick was hanging with Manziel and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. It appeared as if [Manziel] crashed their table. He poured himself drinks from their bottles. He was stumbling as [singer] Post Malone hit the stage . . . He was dancing and sweaty. He arrived wasted, partied wasted and stayed wasted.”

Damn. Not what you should be doing if you’re about to get fired for being fucked up all the time, probably. According to another source, Manziel and his bros left at 3 a.m. with “5 to 7 girls.”

Well s**t. At least he’s gonna go out as he lived.

Fucking liiiiit.

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