Justin Bieber Got Choked for Using Friend’s Arm as an Ashtray

This photo of Post Malone giving Justin Bieber the most calm and casual choke in the world has gone viral.

Speculation was flying, and many people were probably even cheering Post Malone on. Kick his ass, man. If anyone needs a shakedown, its Justin Bieber.

After giving everybody some time to freak out, Post Malone took to Twitter to let us all in on the fact that there’s no feud and he and the Biebs like to choke each other for fun. Which is totally a bro thing and not at all gay. Since they are on tour together right now, I bet they enjoy a lot of totally hetero choking.

What’s better than this? Just guys being dudes.

Bieber even posted this joke pic, so I’d say they are probably alright.

Man, is it me, or does Justin Bieber looks like he wants to die in every picture he’s in.

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