Lindsay Lohan Is Converting to Islam, Like They Don’t Already Have Enough Bad Press

Lindsay Lohan, who was spotted carrying a copy of the Koran while doing community service, is all ready and set to convert to Islam. Even though she hasn’t fucking finished reading the Koran, because it takes “so long.”

Page Six reports:

“I’m a very spiritual person and I’m really open to learning,” the Catholic-born actress told The Sun on her conversion to Islam.

Lohan, 29, who was spotted carrying a copy of the Koran while tending to her community service in New York last summer, also said there’s more to the text than what many people have been led to believe.

I mean, she’s totally an expert, considering she hasn’t fucking finished reading it.

“I’m not done reading it. Do you know how long that would take? It takes so long.”

Wow, its almost like converting a religion isn’t something you should do lightly, especially considering they are all fake.

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7 years ago

Can we understand why without reading what she read?
Quran in English is here:

John Mayor
John Mayor
7 years ago

Lindsay!… you are more valued, and valuable, than all of the gems on all of the planets!… circling all of the stars, in all of the galaxies!… in whole of God’s created universe! You are God’s little girl!… and His precious gift to us, and to His Kingdom come!… and for whom His son, paid an awesome price! And His love for you shines brighter than all the beacons of His Holy Realm, combined! And for Him!… and for those for who would be blessed through you!… is the reason, why you were born! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ Thank… Read more »