That Year Britney Spears Freaked Out? Yeah, She Was on Drugs

Britney Spears had one hell of a year in 2007. I was too young at the time to truly comprehend the manic stress that life imposes on all its inhabitants, but now I really get it. I’ve shaved my head to purge my self-esteem after I had my heart broken. I’ve drunkenly attempted to break windows amid panic attacks because in reality, other people are the fucking worst. And I’m sure if I were pretty enough, or relevant enough to have cameras follow me around on the daily, I would have especially lashed out at them on multiple occasions before I had a chance to celebrate my 18th birthday. We all may have been too hard on Britney then, but in retrospect we know how to cherish the icons of our time.

But now, according to court documents from a filing of suit for ‘one time manager’ and scumbag, Sam Lutfi feels he is owed debts from the year Britney lost her way. And I’m sure we all already had our suspicions, Lufti cites one instance when Brit had to sleep in her car in a parking lot after losing custody of her two beautiful boys. This meltdown landed her a stint in a psych ward and thank god… because bitch is back and better than ever. Just check that Instagram.

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