Apparently Jessica Simpson Is Broke As Fuck

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to know when a celebrity is hurting for money. They start selling their face to the highest bidder and it’s not subtle. Unfortunately, that bidder might just be hawking kitty litter.

Either Jessica Simpson is fucking broke, or she read the scripts for these car rental commercials, thought they were some kind of Oscar worthy franchise film, and decided to follow her dreams.

She’s not that bright. Anything is possible. Check out Jess selling budget rental cars looking like somebody who has never been in front of a camera before in her life.

That one’s not as bad as this one, though.

Oh girl, I would suggest acting classes but if you’re hawking budget rental cars I doubt you have the spare change right now.

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Um clearly the person who wrote this article is a bitter hater, when it comes to Jessica Simpson. This woman is FAR from broke, and she isn’t trying to give an award winning performance. What she’s doing is meant to be funny, a smarter person would not be so quick to take it so seriously. And commercials aren’t ONLY for people who are hard up for cash. Other celebrities have done them for fun, as well. Nothing wrong with it!


This is just Jessica Simpson. This is kind of her shtick and always has been. The ‘acting’ is supposed to be bad, and funny. Does the author of this not remember some of her funnier music videos back in the early 2000s?


I’m with the author. Simpson is broke despite her handlers trying to sell the illusion of her as a “savvy business woman”. Her job is to be rented out to shill other people’s products.

I thought she was supposed to be thin now. She looks plump in the videos.

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