North West Slays and It’s Obviously Thanks to Her $5k Glam Squad

Oh, the life of the rich and famous. We all know the Kardashians have made a new name for themselves as the queens of post-glam pics on Insta, but have we overlooked little Miss North West in the process? Sure, she doesn’t have social media to throw in our faces yet, but girl is slaying. And it seems it’s all thanks to the $5k/week glam squad hired by mom, Kim Kardashian, to make sure no one disrupts the family brand.

A source close to the 3-year-old shares:

She loves having her hair and nails done, so it also keeps her happy.

And the photogenic child has a better wardrobe than me. The same source continues:

North’s wardrobe is worth about $1 million. She has Hermès handbags and her own jewel-encrusted Balmain dress, designer shoes and even a snakeskin clutch.

If you got it, flaunt it. Who says a toddler doesn’t need a stylist, manicurist and hair dresser?

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