Paris Hilton Has Some S**t To Say To Kanye West On Instagram

Paris Hilton threw Instagram shade as subtly as I’ve ever seen by liking this meme about how she made Kim Kardashian famous.

As explained by Someecards:

So, for anyone not familiar with the celebrity family tree, it goes like this: In the beginning, there was Richard Hilton. And Richard Hilton had money and daughters, and his daughters got attention, particularly the one named Paris.

She obviously hung out with other rich and famous kids, and there were few richer or famous-er than lawyer Robert Kardashian’s girls, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, and those girls became famous by association.

And, ostensibly, Kim’s fame is what allowed her to meet and marry Kanye West, who then made a video for his song “Famous” featuring famous people.

This meme is so petty and so dumb. I’m tired of y’all. I’m tired of the Kardashian-Jenner axis of evil. Lay me to rest.

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