Why Being “Superman for Two Minutes” Was More Than Enough for Jude Law

If you think there’s a f**k load of Superman movies out there, the number of unmade Superman movies out there potentially is probably like double that.

From The Playlist:

Warner Bros. kicked around a lot of ideas, one of which was “Flyby,” which had a script by then-rising-star J.J. Abrams, with Brett Ratner attached to direct. At the time Jude Law was considered to take the role Clark Kent, but turned it down.

Jude just wasn’t feeling it, as he explained on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

“First of all, I’m an Englishman and I felt like, I don’t know, it just didn’t seem to fit, and I was always worried about the outfit and I just didn’t fancy it.”

Yeah, I guess in England they have “Adequate Man,” who is just as super as Superman while being somehow more subtle but an even bigger dick about it.

“This director was very keen to meet and impress it upon me and I was actually out in California and he said, ‘Look, you just have to try the suit on. The suit’s amazing, and we’ve revamped the suit,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, send the suit over.’”

As you can imagine, it didn’t exactly make his dick hard.

“So I take the suit into the bathroom and I’m putting it on and then I look round, I’m in the mirror and suddenly…I’m Superman, right. And the music kinda comes in like da, da, dada duh duh, right, I stood there and then I had this picture of me in that costume on posters all over the world and I was like…’no way’ and I unzipped it,” Law continued. “But I was Superman for two minutes, that’s enough.”

While I’m sad we missed out on seeing Jude Law’s face on posters all over the world, because it’s a great face, there’s this cool thing called Google Images, so I’mma be ok after all.

Check out the clip below.

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