Idiot Mauled by Tiger at a Wildlife Park

A woman and her mother were mauled at Beijing’s Badaling Wildlife Park on Saturday afternoon when the woman got out of the car during an argument with her boyfriend. Sadly, we can’t even give her a Darwin Award because she survived with serious injuries while her mother died on the spot trying to save her.

Footage of the incident shows the woman dumbassedly getting out of her car while driving through the SIBERIAN TIGER enclosure to yell at her boyfriend on the driver’s side. As you can see, she was clearly born without a brain. Before she knows it, a tiger sees its next meal and drags her away. The boyfriend gets out of the car to help her and then her mother gets out of the car to help her. This string of idiotic decisions lead to a second tiger attacking the mother and killing her while the first tiger gives up. Park rangers were unable to save the mother, obviously. What were they going to do? Hit it with a rolled up newspaper?

This may be the only time when a guy handedly wins an argument with a woman.

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Hugo Sit
Hugo Sit
7 years ago

Good. So they didn’t kill the animal to save the idiots. Good decision, unlike some other countries who overvalue their idiotic citizens who does stupid s**t