Instagram Isn’t Letting People Comment With the Snake Emoji on Taylor Swift’s Pics

It’s ok. Delete all you want fascists, we all know the snake in the garden of Eden was probably named Taylor Swift.

In the past week, Calvin Harris has called Taylor out for stabbing him in the back, and Kim Kardashian whipped out the literal receipts which prove that Taylor is either just an asshole or has bought too much of her own bullshit.

From TMZ:

In response, fans are spamming her Instagram comments with the snake emoji!

However, on Monday, images of the reptile are no longer there!

Apparently, the image sharing site allows you to post 1-26 snakes before giving you the following message:

However, even if you meet the required allotment of snakes, the comment won’t stay. Either Instagram is banning the emoji from Swift’s page, or someone from her team is manually deleting the shade-filled comments.

Let’s all agree to never trust Taylor Swift again. Bye bitch. When TMZ reached out to Instagram to ask if they are squashing the snake party, they gave a pretty standard non answer which boils down to definitely maybe probably.

“We’re always looking for better ways to help people prevent spammy or inappropriate comments on Instagram.”

Uhuh honey.

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