Amber Heard Wants Johnny Depp to Double His Charitable Donation for Her

Amber Heard might be trying to move on by spending some time with multibillionaire tech guy, Elon Musk, but even that’s not enough to distract her from bulldogging her way through her divorce proceedings.

After Johnny Depp donated a sum of $7 million to the Children’s Hospital of LA and the ACLU in Heard’s name, her people are calling bullshit on his seemingly well-meaning intentions. This comes a week after Heard had shared her intentions of donating her divorce divorce settlement to charity. So Depp, you know, hella eager to do the right thing outside of the courts, simply bypassed the process and donated directly. Heard’s people responded scathingly:

If Johnny wishes to change the settlement agreement, we must insist that he honor the full amount by donating $14M to charity, which after accounting for his tax deduction, is equal to his $7M payment obligation to Amber. We would also insist that the full amount be paid immediately and not drawn out over many years.

Just like that Johnny fucked up again. Gonna have to double that money spent, but with $48 million in acting revenue… it can’t hurt that bad.

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