Johnny Depp Willing to Crawl Back To Disney After They Betrayed Him

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Remember when Johnny Depp swore off ever working with Disney again after they coldly ditched him during Amber Heard’s lies? Well, the sniveling Captain Jack Sparrow is now hinting he may sell out for a Disney comeback.

A source says Depp is open to corporate betrayal round two, telling PEOPLE:

“Anything is possible. If it’s the right project, he’ll do it.”

Rumors swirled Depp could reprise Jack Sparrow after winning his messy trial against bed-pooper Heard. Depp previously denied a $300 million Pirates return. Heard tried to undermine Depp by oversharing bizarre details about his apparently non-working penis, yet now the desperate actor is hinting he’ll crawl back to Disney even after they betrayed him, proving his principles droop as much as his manhood allegedly does.

Disney likely wants to profit off Depp’s fame again too given their plummeting profits. Their whole pirate aesthetic is sinking faster than the Black Pearl. No one’s going to Disney World and now they have to fight off a grandstanding politician from Florida in 2024. Bringing back their most bankable star could help stop the bleeding.

Depp is thirsting for those mouse-eared checks.

Some say Disney just wants to revive a stale Captain Jack out of nostalgia for their glory days. But recycling Depp seems desperate and unlikely to restore any magic.

Depp’s fans may cheer this potential comeback, but it reeks of desperation on both sides. Here’s hoping the ship has sailed on Depp and Disney’s shallow showbiz marriage.

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1 month ago

“a source” that sounds real reliable! Disney is failing on so many levels. I hope he takes them to the cleaners for tons of money. They need him more than he needs them! A “source” told me that your source is full of crap. I seriously doubt he is “thirsting” for “mouse eared checks”.

1 month ago

Well I re read this article and it’s clearly a Depp hater piece. You believe Heard at this point? Yeah my penis would of dropped for her as well. Congratulations a tabloid idiotic article got me to post for the first time. :) A source also told me William Twiddlesmith can’t get it up he just twiddles himself in a corner.